Mount Olive Elementary School is located in the unincorporated, rural community of Mount Olive, which is in Jefferson County, Alabama.  Mount Olive is bordered on the south and the east by the city of Gardendale.  Some areas that had previously been in Mount Olive proper have been annexed into Gardendale over the past years.
The school currently serves 314 students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.  Our students primarily attend Gardendale middle and high schools once they complete the fifth grade.  There are, however, a few fifth graders each year who attend North Jefferson Middle School in Kimberly which feeds to Mortimer Jordan High School, also in Kimberly. 
The vision of Mt. Olive Elementary School embraces that of the Jefferson County Board of Education and is to be characterized by the use of best practices resulting in effectively providing for the diverse needs of all learners.
The mission of Mt. Olive Elementary School is the commitment to teaching and learning for all.
To accomplish our mission, we will:
* Provide rigorous learning for all
* Handle Resource Management Responsibly
* Strive for Meaningful Community Relations